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Dreadlock shampoo!

dreadlock shampoo

So grateful to be receiving such positive feedback about my dreadlock shampoo! Both my shampoo's have been personally formulated by myself and tested and perfected over the past 2 years for maximum effectiveness. Both formula's are made from all natural and organic ingredients, are fragrance free and residue free leaving nothing behind in your dreads allowing regrowth to knot easily.

A lot of other dreadlock shampoo's on the market are made from saponified oils (i.e. soap) which actually leave a lot of residue behind. Residue in your dreads can cause dampness, stickiness, attract dirt and make them smell musty. Dreadlocks Naturally shampoo's are made with aloe vera and herbal extracts to leave your dreads completely clean and super fresh - and clean hair dreads best!

Our Naturally Knot formulation is perfect for frequent use and all hair types. Our Lock Up Fast formulation is great for new dreads or those with silky/oily hair types that usually have a hard time dreading. Both shampoo's have been formulated to specifically knot regrowth and assist with dreadlock maintenance.

Available for purchase via our online store or for those local to the Northern Rivers NSW our shampoo is now stocked at the Happy High Herbs store in Nimbin NSW!