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Dreadlocks Naturally was founded by Kelly who has a passion for dreadlocks and natural hair care.   


Kelly's dread journey began back in 2007 when she created her first set of dreads by backcombing.  She didn't know about the crochet hook method then so her dreads were very frizzy and began to loosen each time she washed them with regular shampoo. She tried everything to help her dreads tighten up and look better but nothing gave a desired result. After about 9 months she combed them out.

A few years later she decided to give it another go and researched different dreading techniques and discovered the crochet hook method. She found that this method produced the best results, giving nice neat dreadlocks right from the start.  

She then began practicing the crochet hook method and began doing dreads for friends.  Her friends kept receiving such positive comments about their dreadlocks that Kelly decided to share her skill and create dreadlocks for others.  Kelly's dreadlocking skill has come from years of practice and she is constantly refining her technique to produce the best result possible.

After starting her second set of dreads Kelly also began experimenting with creating her own shampoo that would help her dreads rather than hinder them.  She undertook studies in Cosmetic Science in order to formulate her own natural products. Her shampoo formulation worked so well to encourage her hair to dread and she came to the realisation that her dreadlock shampoo could also help other dreadheads.  It was then that she decided she would also start to manufacture her very own dread care product line.


Kelly is currently working to further her range of all natural hair care products specifically designed for dreadlocks.  All products have been personally formulated by Kelly.


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Dread maker & product formulator

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