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About Dreadlocks Naturally


Dreadlocks Naturally was founded in 2014 by the owner, Kelly, who has a passion for dreadlocks and natural hair care.  Having undertaken studies in Cosmetic Science, all products have been carefully formulated by Kelly and tested for an extended period of time on dreadheads before being released for sale.  During each product trial phase the formula is precisely perfected, so you can be sure that you are receiving a high quality product that has been trialled and tested for maximum effectiveness.  Here at Dreadlocks Naturally we strive to ensure our products do what they say they do and we only believe in creating products that actually have benefit for your dreadlocks.

It all began back in 2013 when Kelly first started making her own dreadlock shampoo after starting her dreadlocks and was unable to find a shampoo on the market that didn't loosen them every time she washed her hair.  The Lock Up Fast dreadlock shampoo was then born into creation, naturally locking up her silky straight hair and tightening her dreadlocks.  Soon after she started to get a lot of comments from friends about how neat her dreadlocks were and it was at this moment that she realised her shampoo could benefit so many other people with dreadlocks. Kelly then started to produce her dreadlock shampoo for sale and launched her business and brand, Dreadlocks Naturally in 2014.   


Kelly has since then developed and expanded the Dreadlocks Naturally range to now include multiple types of shampoo, scalp care, conditioning products, gel, detox soak as well as products specifically for coloured hair.  A lot of hard work and years of research has gone into developing each unique formula specifically to benefit and care for dreadlocks.


All products are vegan, made with natural and organic botanical ingredients that are residue-free.  The basis of all our products is organic aloe vera and herbal extracts that care for your hair and scalp while also assisting the natural locking process.  Our products are proudly made right here in Australia and handcrafted in small batches.  


Kelly is also a skilled loctician and her dreadlocking skill has come from years of practice and she is constantly refining her technique to produce the best result possible.  Dreadlocks created by Kelly are carefully crocheted to have a smooth felted appearance producing beautiful neat dreadlocks right from day one.  Her quality crochet technique also produces lasting results after maintenance.  

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Product formulator & loctician

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