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Caring for dyed dreadlocks

Do you dye your dreadlocks? If so, then we recommend you check out our products that are infused with botanical ingredients that specifically care for coloured locks.

Bleaching and dying can sometimes cause a lot of damage to your hair making it more prone to breakage. And if you're using a bright colour semi-permanent dye then you may want to ensure that your colour lasts for as long as possible. Our COLOUR CARE Dreadlock Shampoo has been formulated with quinoa protein that helps increase hair dye uptake and also helps to preserve your colour for longer. This ingredient also helps to strengthen the hair and reduce further damage. Kakadu plum is an antioxidant powerhouse and one of the richest sources of Vitamin C which supports hydration.

So why is our shampoo different to a normal colour protect shampoo? Commercial colour shampoo's are also laden with heavy conditioning ingredients and silicones which are not the best thing for dreadlocks. Our COLOUR CARE Dreadlock Shampoo still has the benefit of assisting to dread your hair 😃

Colour Care dreadlock shampoo paired with our SmoovV Dreadlock Gel or Dread Juice Moisture Mist will give you the best care for your coloured locks.

SMOOvV Dreadlock Gel is also infused with these ingredients and provides a light amount of moisture to your dreadlocks. It also has the added benefit of smoothing and taming frizz! We definitely recommend SmoovV dreadlock gel if you have new baby dreads.

If you have mature locks then our DREAD JUICE Moisture Mist is also a great addition to your colour care regime as it contains nourishing oils for an added level of moisture and softening. Mature dreads can sometimes get quite dry over time and dry hair tends to fade colour faster so keeping your locks hydrated is key to helping your colour last longer.

We have a Colour Care combo pack for you 💖