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How can I buy your dread care products?

From our Online Shop !  We ship worldwide!   Also refer to our Stockists page to find a retailer near you.

Want to become a retailer of our products?

Please refer to our Wholesale Enquiries page.

How much does it cost to get dreadlocks?

A personalised quote will need to be provided for each client.  Please refer to our Dreadlock Creation page for more info.


How long will it take to create my new dreads?

The time taken to create a full set of new dreads varies greatly depending on your hair type, length, scalp hair coverage (undercut or not) and the size of dreadlocks you want.  An approximate time will be estimated along with your price quote.  Please refer to our Dreadlock Creation page for more info.


Does it hurt to get dreadlocks?

Not really, some find it just a bit uncomfortable.  I try to be as gentle as possible and have had many clients say that my maintenance technique has been the least painful compared to other locticians.


How long does my hair need to be?

At a minimum approximately 15cm.  If you start your dreads at a very short length such as this, bear in mind that they will stick out a bit until they settle in as they don't really have enough length to hold them down.


How much length will I lose?

Usually not much if you opt to leave the ends loose and wispy, no more than an inch or two.  If you choose to have your ends rounded off then you will lose about 3-4 inches.  As your dreads mature they will usually shrink a little bit more but it is generally not noticeable as your hair is growing at the same rate.

Should I do anything to prepare for my appointment?

Wash your hair the day before your appointment.  If you are getting a new set of dreads please cease using any type of conditioning products on your hair from the moment you decide you want to get dreadlocks.  Having silky hair hinders the dreading process and we highly recommend using our Lock Up Fast dreadlock shampoo in preparation for your new dreadlocks.  This shampoo will remove build up and silicones left by regular shampoo's and also help to texturise your hair putting it in the most optimal state for dreading. 


Can I still wash my hair?

Yes!  Clean hair dreads best.  Leaving oil to build up in your hair hinders the dreading process so we recommend you wash your dreads about once a week.  You should avoid commercial shampoo's designed for regular hair as they all leave residues, silicone's and conditioners in your hair that is not so good for dreads.  An all natural shampoo is recommended and Dreadlocks Naturally have formulated our own range of natural and organic dreadlock shampoo's that have been specifically formulated to assist the dreading process.  You can purchase our shampoo via our online shop.


How often will I need maintenance?

This all depends on how manicured you want your dreads to look and your hair type.  From our experience curly hair types will always have a bit more frizz that straighter hair types because as the new hair grows it curls outwards instead of sitting straight along the dread, which means some of this new regrowth doesn't make it into the dread by itself.  Silky straight hair may also require a bit more maintenance than someone who has dry fine hair.  If left on their own your new regrowth should eventually dread, especially if you choose to use our very own Dreadlocks Naturally shampoo.  But if you prefer to keep things looking neat then you can come in for regrowth maintenance every couple of months.  See our Dreadlock Maintenance page for more information about this service. 


Can I do my own maintenance?

The best type of maintenance you can do yourself is to separate and palmroll each dreadlock after every wash, this stops dreads from sticking together, compacts the knots and helps smooth down any bumps or frizz and also keeps your dreads rounded. 


Can I dye my dreads?

Absolutely!  If you plan to dye your dreads we can discuss this in detail during your appointment.


Should I wax my dreads?

We strongly advise against the use of wax on your dreads.  Not only does wax feel greasy and sticky it actually hinders the natural dreading process as it leaves a thick residue that stops your hair from moving freely and hence, will not dread easily.  Wax basically just glues your hair.  It also attracts dirt and fluff which will stick in your dreads and make them look dull and dirty, not a good look!  It is also incredibly hard to remove wax build up.  Natural is the way to go! 


What if I decide I don't want dreads anymore?

See our Dreadlock Removal page for info on how to successfully comb out dreads.

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