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Frequently Asked Questions



How can I buy your dread care products?

From our Online Shop !  Also refer to our Stockists page to find a retailer near you.

How can I become a stockist of your products?  Do you have wholesale prices?

Please refer to our Wholesale Enquiries page.  You must be operating a business. 

I have new dreadlocks, what products would you recommend?

We recommend our New Dreads Maintenance Pack which includes our Lock Up Fast Dreadlock Shampoo, Scalp Assist Refresh Mist and SmoovV Dreadlock Gel.  Lock Up Fast dreadlock shampoo is specifically formulated to accelerate the maturing process and tighten your locks.  We recommend washing your dreads once a week.  Scalp Assist refresh mist is great to use in between washings as it helps to balance oil production keeping you feeling fresh and clean.  Usually when you have just started your dreads your scalp is still adjusting to less frequent washing and may be more oily than usual or a bit irritated, Scalp Assist is designed to assist with all that.  And our SmoovV dreadlock gel is great for smoothing down frizz and tightening dreadlocks!

I have mature dreadlocks, what products would you recommend?

We recommend our Naturally Knot Dreadlock Shampoo and our Dread Juice Moisture Mist.  Our Naturally Knot dreadlock shampoo is formulated to assist the maintenance of dreadlocks, it is milder than our Lock Up Fast formula but is still very effective at helping to knot up your new regrowth.  If your scalp gets particularly oily or you are prone to a heavy build up of oily dandruff then we also recommend our Scalp Assist Refresh Mist or our Lock Up Fast dreadlock shampoo, both of which exfoliate the scalp.  We also recommend our Dread Juice moisture mist for mature dreadlocks as usually by the time your dreads reach maturity they may be starting to feel a little dry from lack of conditioning.  SmoovV Dreadlock Gel is also great to smooth down any fuzzies on mature dreads.

Do your products work on all hair types?

Yes they do!  We often get asked if our products are suitable for afro/kinky hair and they are totally fine to use on this hair type.

How often should I wash my dreadlocks?

We recommend washing your dreads approximately once a week or when your scalp starts to get oily.  Clean hair dreads best and leaving oil to build up will hinder the locking process of your roots.  It's also good to shampoo frequently to clean away any dandruff flakes before it starts to build up and to keep your scalp healthy and clean.  If your scalp tends to get particularly oily and you don't want to shampoo that often then we recommend our Scalp Assist Refresh Mist which is formulated to help dissolve greasy build up and assist with balancing oil production.

Do I really need to use a dreadlock specific shampoo?

No you don't, but dreadlock specific shampoo's are designed to help your hair to dread.  Commercial shampoo's designed for regular hair are formulated to make the hair soft and silky, and leave residues, silicone's and conditioners in your hair that are designed to help keep your hair tangle free which is not so good for dreads.  Using normal shampoo may make it harder for your hair to dread or may loosen new dreadlocks and create extra fluff.

How is your dreadlock shampoo different from any other natural shampoo?

Even though natural shampoo's may be free of silicones and other nasty ingredients they usually still contain quite a few conditioning agents which may hinder the dreading process for some hair types.  Our dreadlock shampoo's are residue free and contain absolutely no conditioning ingredients, they are designed to only clean the hair and leave nothing behind.  Dreadlocks Naturally shampoo's will also help to remove any silicone build up you may have.  

What can I do to prepare my hair for dreadlocks?

If you have decided that you want to get dreadlocks then we recommend you start using our Lock Up Fast Dreadlock Shampoo as soon as possible and cease using any commercial hair products that you are currently using.  It is important to stop using any type of conditioning products on your hair from the moment you decide you want to get dreadlocks.  Having silky hair hinders the dreading process and we highly recommend using our Lock Up Fast dreadlock shampoo in preparation for your new dreadlocks.  This shampoo will remove build up and silicones left by regular shampoo's and also help to texturise your hair putting it in the most optimal state for dreading. 


Do you have any maintenance tips?

The best type of maintenance you can do yourself is to shampoo your dreads regularly and separate and palm roll each dreadlock after every wash.  Shampoo removes oil build up and helps your regrowth to knot, pulling your dreads apart after washing stops them from joining together and palm rolling compacts all the new knots and helps smooth down any bumps or frizz and also keeps your dreads rounded.  If you do this consistently it will definitely help cut down on your need for physical crochet maintenance.

Should I wax my dreads?

We strongly advise against the use of wax on your dreads.  Not only does wax feel greasy and sticky it actually hinders the natural dreading process as it leaves a thick residue that stops your hair from moving freely and hence, will not dread easily.  Wax basically just glues your hair.  It also attracts dirt and fluff which will stick in your dreads and make them look dull and dirty, not a good look!  It is also incredibly hard to remove wax build up.  A better alternative is a water-based product such as our SMOOvV Dreadlock Gel which fully absorbs into your hair, doesn't flake and leaves no sticky residue.

Can I dye my dreads?

Absolutely!  You can use any type of dye on your dreadlocks as long as you are mindful of the process.  Chemical dyes can be a little drying but this may also help your dreads to tighten while semi permanent and bright coloured veggie dyes tend to be quite conditioning.  We recommend seeking professional help if you want to bleach your dreads as this can be quite damaging.  If you have coloured locks then we recommend using our Colour Care Dreadlock Shampoo which is formulated to help retain hair colour and minimise the damage that hair dying can cause.

What if I decide I don't want dreads anymore?

See our Dreadlock Removal page for info on how to successfully comb out dreads.

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