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Our maintenance technique

Dreadlocks Naturally maintenance technique is all done with a crochet hook. Dreads are NOT looped through their root. Looping is a quick fix which results in dreads that have a twisted or 'plaited' appearance, and whilst some find this look desirable, I personally believe it can lead to weak spots where the dread doesn't actually dread properly as the hair is too tightly twisted and it tends to stop the dread from thickening up. Crocheting creates a nice neat 'felted' appearance and ensures your regrowth is matted together nice and tightly whilst allowing the dread to maintain its thickness and volume at the base. Fixing of any bumps, weak spots or loose hair is also done with a crochet hook. Even really long and thinned out regrowth can be fixed and thickened up with a crochet hook as you can see from the example pictured here. This took a bit of time to fix but it is possible, and no extra hair was needed to be added in to thicken up the root, just a bit of patience and crochet care :)