Our DREAD JUICE Moisture Mist is a leave-in conditioning spray designed to lightly moisturise dreadlocks and dry scalp. 


Organic aloe vera, coconut and jojoba oils are easily absorbed into scalp and hair replenishing dry dull dreadlocks leaving no greasy residue behind.  Helps to smooth down frizz and instantly soothes dry flaky scalps.  The addition of quinoa protein also helps to strengthen dreadlocks and may assist in retaining hair colour.  Orange essential oil adds shine and provides a sweet and refreshing scent combined with peppermint essential oil. 


Over time dreads can become a little dry from not using conventional conditioners and so our DREAD JUICE Moisture Mist provides just the right amount of nourishment for your dreads without disrupting the locking process.


Recommended for mature dreads.  


Natural and organic ingredients
No SLS, no parabens
Residue free

Cruelty free


200 ml

DREAD JUICE Moisture Mist

  • Leave-in conditioning spray lightly moisturises dreadlocks and dry scalp.  200ml

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