Our LOCK UP FAST dreadlock shampoo is formulated to accelerate the dreading process and tighten locks.  Organic aloe vera and herbal extracts of olive leaf, gotu kola and white willow bark are blended with a boost of bicarb soda to deeply cleanse, effectively removing oil and residue build up to restore the natural texture of your hair. This residue free dreadlock shampoo contains no hidden conditioning agents, allowing hair to lock up fast.


Use weekly or as needed to accelerate the dreading process.  Once your dreads are well established we recommend switching to our Naturally Knot shampoo and using Lock Up Fast as required for an occasional boost.


This shampoo will encourage the knotting of regrowth which can reduce the need for crochet maintenance. We recommend palmrolling dreads after washing while the hair is still damp to keep dreads smooth and ensure your newly knotted regrowth forms a rounded dreadlock.


Naturally scented with mandarin essential oil.


Natural and organic ingredients

No SLS, no parabens

Residue free

Cruelty free


2 x 250 ml


  • Deeply cleanses, accelerates the dreading process and tighten locks.  2 x 250ml

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