Our residue free dreadlock shampoo's are crafted from organic aloe vera to tighten dreadlocks, herbal extracts of olive leaf, gotu kola and white willow bark to soothe the scalp, stimulate hair growth and help balance oil production. No hidden conditioning agents are used leaving you with pure clean hair allowing it to knot more easily.  Both our shampoo's will encourage the knotting of regrowth which can reduce the need for crochet maintenance.  We recommend palmrolling dreads after washing while the hair is still damp to keep dreads smooth and ensure your newly knotted regrowth forms a rounded dreadlock.


LOCK UP FAST is an intensive shampoo that deeply cleanses and removes residue build up to restore the natural texture of your hair.  Recommended for silky/oily hair types that usually have a hard time dreading. Great for new dreads wishing to really accelerate their maturation.


NATURALLY KNOT is suitable for all hair types and is pH-balanced.  This shampoo encourages the dreading process by only leaving you with pure clean hair.

Naturally scented with mandarin essential oil.

Natural and organic ingredients
No SLS, no parabens
Residue free

Cruelty free


2 x 250 ml

COMBO PACK Dreadlock Shampoo

  • Combo pack of NATURALLY KNOT and LOCK UP FAST dreadlock shampoo which assists the dreading process and tighten locks.  2 x 250ml

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