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Dreadlock timeline

Here is a photo showing my dreads at day 1, exactly 1 year old, then 2.5 years old. When I first got my dreads I discovered that every shampoo I tried left my hair way too soft and silky and was hindering my dreads maturing (I have naturally very silky hair). I then started experimenting with my own shampoo formulation and the Lock Up Fast shampoo formulation was a huge success for my dreads!

I never do any crochet maintenance on my dreads, they maintain themselves perfectly by using my shampoo formulation which has been specifically designed to knot up regrowth, tighten locks and reduce frizz. My hair before dreading was the least likely dreadable hair but I did it, and it takes no effort to keep neat and tidy. A lot of people I speak to say they would get dreads if they weren't so high maintenance, but they don't have to be if you choose the right shampoo to help them along their journey.

After about 1 year once my dreads were well established I decided I could start using a more gentler shampoo and created the Naturally Knot formulation. This shampoo has continued to knot up my hair perfectly, you can see how much they have grown from 1 year to 2.5 years in the picture here and all I have used is the Naturally Knot shampoo.

I am so proud to finally release my very own dreadlock shampoo formulations to the public! So much work has gone into creating these products and they have been tried and tested for over 2 years by myself for maximum effectiveness. I really hope my shampoo will help many dreadheads also have lovely hassle free dreads!!