Our Dreadlock Took Kit comprises of one professional dreading comb and 2 crochet hooks - 0.6mm + 0.5mm.


We choose our professional tail comb made by Toni & Guy for its strength, durability and comfortability.  This comb will not break or bend when backcombing and the tail end is perfect to use for sectioning.  The sleek design of this comb makes it incredibly comfortable to hold.


Clover brand crochet hooks are the best we have found for dreadlocking.  They are strong, never break and are comfortable to hold for long hours.   


0.6mm is the most common sized hook used.  This hook size is great for creating and maintaining medium to thick dreadlocks on normal to thick hair.


0.5mm is best suited to micro/skinny dreads or fine hair. 


If you are starting/creating dreadlocks from scratch or installing extensions we recommend both hooks and use the 0.6mm hook first to crochet the initial dread and then go over with the 0.5mm hook to really tighten it up.  

Dreadlock Took Kit

  • 1 x professional dreadlock comb plus 2 x Clover crochet hooks 0.6mm + 0.5mm

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