Dreadlock Creation


Your natural dreadlocks will be created using the crochet hook method without the use of any products, chemicals or wax, all natural and amazing!  I start the dreading process using a combination of backcombing and the twist & rip method to create the initial knotting and I then go over each dreadlock thoroughly with the crochet hook to pull in all loose hairs and knot the entire dreadlock which gives it a smooth felted appearance.  The result is beautiful neat dreadlocks right from day one.  Ends are left loose unless it is specified that you want them rounded.


I usually section off dreads using a diamond structure which tends to give the most natural appearance.  Typical square or chessboard structure can also be done if you prefer and want a center part.  If you are wanting dreads of various sizes then the structure will take a slightly free form pattern for a more natural look.  The structure of your dreads will be discussed at the start of your appointment to ensure that your desired look will be created.


The time taken to create a full set of new dreads varies greatly depending on your hair type, length, scalp hair coverage (undercut or not) and the size of dreadlocks you want.  Skinny dreads take longer as there will be more of them.  I will estimate approximate time to do your dreads along with your personalised pricing quote.



I offer fixed prices for new dreadlock creation and pricing is calculated by a personalised quote.  Please email for a quote and attach photographs of your hair showing full length from the front, sides & back of your head.  Please also describe your hair type (silky/dry, thick/thin etc) and the size of dreadlocks you are wanting (skinny/med/thick).  Only upon receiving this information can I give you a personalised quote.  A rough guide for pricing for a full head is as follows:


Above shoulder length $300 - $450

Medium length (shoulder to armpit level) $500 - $600

Medium - long length (mid back) $650 - $800

Waist length or longer $850+


These prices are a guide only and you must send through the required information and photographs to receive a personalised quote before a booking can be made. 

Dreadlock creation is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, after you have received your quote.

** We are currently not taking any bookings **