Dreadlock Extension


Want instant long dreadlocks? 


Using high quality 100% human hair we can extend your dreads as they are created.  Your hair should be a minimum of 10cm long to start with.  The extension hair is crocheted into your own hair as each dreadlock is made creating a permanent, secure and seamless join.  NO glues or sewing thread is used, all hair is bound together by crochet only.  This method of attachment gives a very natural looking end result and most people will not be able to tell you have extensions!

The cost for a full head of dreadlock extensions varies anywhere between $700 - $1300.  A personalised quote needs to be provided for each client.


Cost depends on a number of factors - how long your hair is to start with, how thick it is, thickness of dreadlocks you are wanting, how much extension hair is required and how long you want the dreads.  Time required for creation/installation is usually between 12 - 16 hours and would be completed over 2 days.

To obtain your personalised quote, please email Kelly and attach photographs of your hair showing full length from the front, sides & back of your head.  Please also describe your hair type & density (silky/dry, thick/thin etc), the size of dreadlocks you are wanting (skinny/med/thick) and how long you want the dreadlocks to be.  Attaching an example photo of desired thickness and length is good.

Once you have received your quote, a booking can then be made.  In order to confirm your booking, a non-refundable deposit is required to cover the cost of purchasing and preparing your extension hair.  The remaining cost can be paid on the day of your booking.

Dreadlock extension is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, after you have received your quote and paid your deposit.



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